Hello My Name is....... 10 Facts About Me

I have decided to share 10 facts about myself to start! So here we go...😂
Hello and welcome to my first ever blog! My name is Niamh Murray and I am sixteen years old! I decided to start blogging as it has become very popular and I really want to try it to see if it is my cup of tea!
10 Facts About Me
1. I love love love fashion...especially like colourful and weird patterns! I feel that if you are wearing something that you love you instantly feel confident and that you can conquer the world! Oh god cringe!

2.Singing is my thing....music is my biggest passion when I am singing and performing in front of people I feel that's where I am my strongest so I love music a lot!

3.Beyonce. This woman is my all time idol and always will be. To me she speaks such truth and is so humble in everything she does! Her work ethic is unbelievable, I love to just listen to her words and he thoughts on life and music, she is fierce and strong on stage and  is one of the most successful women in the music industry.

4. Quotes,Quotes and more Quotes. I collected little sayings and quotes from Instagram,Twitter and google! I literally have so many saved on my phone it is actually ridiculous by this stage! My favourite quote at the minute is: everything happens for a reason! I feel like this is really true and everyone sometimes in their lives have wondered and doubted why something happens but there is always a reason for everything! 

5. BIG EARRINGS PLEASE?! I have a crazy obsession with big bold earrings like at the minute I am loving the very big vintage style earrings that are everywhere at the minute! I have a collection that just keeps on growing every shopping trip!

6.Excuse me Sports ME! No. The one I can never ever be good at is sports I am always the one that  nobody wants on their team because I run away from the ball when it approaches me at any stage! I have now tried to get into the more fitness side of exercise but it is not going to well at the minute motivation is zero!

7.Family and friends are everything! I don't know what I would do without the support and laughs I get from my family and friends. My family are always there for me and my mother is like a best friend, she is just so inspiring and believes in me so much, she is so strong and told me to always stand up for what is right and wrong in life! She is the one of the most important people in my life!
My true friends are the ones that get me completely they know what I am thinking and I can open up to them about anything and feel at ease, it's so nice having people around that can make you laugh all the time.

8.CD HOARDER. The new thing these days is to download albums from iTunes but it just not my thing to be honest I still like to go out and buy the physical copy of the cd! I have so many CDs now OMG when I think of it! Ha! To me it is nice to look at the physical album and the wee booklet! No downloads allowed with me! All CDs for now anyways!

9.RED LIPSTICK ALL ON THE PAPER. I love a nice red lipstick! It is my number make up product  I just love wearing the colour red it makes my feel confident and cool! Ha! I believe red lipstick is timeless and looks pure and simple!

10.Concert tickets please. I love a good concert ! My first concert I ever went to was Taylor Swift it was so god I absolutely loved it I had caught the bug! My favourite would have to be the Beyonce concert I attended in March! It was fabulous, the lighting the stage the dancing and THE SINGING! I beatify cried whe I seen Beyonce she is a fierce lady when she steps out on the stage!


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