My Mac Lipstick Collection

Hey Bloggers, This post is all about my small but still growing Mac Lipstick Collection, so enjoy!
When it comes to Lipsticks Mac is the only option as their lipsticks are such good quality and to me I think they are worth the money! I have tried many different brands and Mac is hands down the best on the market! Mac think of everything when it comes to their lipsticks, I love the way Mac have soo many different colours and finishes of lipsticks from your bold red to your brown nudes. So here I go!

Lustering (Lustre) 
This was my first ever Mac Lipstick and boy was I excited when I first purchased it! Even though I never use this Mac Lipstick as I like Bold and Matte Lippys! It is still good to have if I ever want a pop of colour without being to out there! The finish is Lustre ,  for me it doent stay on and I just love good matte lipstick! I learned from this Lipstick what sort of finish I liked!

Russian Red (Matte) 
Ok so I think this finish and colour is my all time favourite Mac lipstick I just love wearing it and I feel confident and cool when I wear this bold red! I got this Mac Lipstick when I went over to London over the summer, I fell in love when I seen it and I had wanted it for soooooo long. I seen it in Selfidges and just grabbed it! LOVE IN THE FORM OF A LIPSTICK.

Heroine (Matte)
I heard so much about this Lipstick before I purchased it and I had been looking for a really cool and out there purple and I just loved it when I first took a swatch! It is like the coolest colour ever and really daring but sure we can all live a little when it comes to wearing this lipstick! I also got this in Selfridges in London, yeah I sort of went crazy when I seen the Mac Stand!

New Yolk Apple (Frost) 
Now this Mac Lipstick was a last minute buy at the airport in London and I thought discount Mac Lipstick good idea! This Lipstick is really pretty colour but I am not that keen on the finish I like a Long lasting Lipstick and maybe thats why I love the Matte Finish but I do wear it occasionally!
I would say if you are a person that dent want to be too out there with lipstick definely go for the creme sheen and frost finishes as they are nice and shuttel but if you like me and like the Bright colours GO FOR MATTE!

Lady Danger (Matte) 
The last two Mac Lipsticks were my birthday present to myself how sad but I had my eye on these two and needed them in my Life! This colour is the most unbelievable reddy orange toned colour and it is so bright and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! As you may all know I am sort of Obsessed with Ella Eyre and this is seemly the colour she wears! So if its good enough for Ella its good enough for me!

Viva Glam 2 (Satin)
This Lipstick has a story, well I really wanted a colour that matched Kylie Jenner Lipstick and I had searched the internet and was told that the match was Velvet Teddy By Mac so I literally was on a mission to get Velvet Teddy but sad news there was none in stock when I got there! I was soooo disappointed but thankfully an assistant from Mac help me pick this rich creamy Nude and I love it! I team it with my Beurre Lipliner and it just heaven! I didn't feel guilty buying this lipstick as all the money was going to charity! 

Thanks for Reading this post! 


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