OMG am I the only person that thought this month lasted 5 minutes! Crazy! I know its the 30th of September and I am a day early but who cares! Lets start this post already!
I am going to start with my beauty favourites, even though I didn't go to crazy this month with  buying new make up and skincare (I NEEDED TO STOP, IT WAS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL), this gave me the chance to try the products I had and get a good review about every single one of them!

Ok ok so I actually don't know how I lived without this product before I bought it! Its like a miracle for skin especially Dry Skin! I always apply E45 before I go to bed on my face as everyone needs to look after their skin in some way and thats my way of pampering my skin and It leaves my skin really soft and fresh when I wake up in the morning, another bonus for this beauty!

The Body Shop: Strawberry Lip Butter
I got this Lip butter in August for my birthday (I decided to treat myself) and it SMELLS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Omg I just love it for the smell alone but it does actually moisturise your lips and thats good as sometimes lip products don't actually do what they say they are suppose to do but this Lip Butter does and I would recommend it a 100% to anyone.

Calvin Klein Nail Polish: Garnet
I also got this nail polish in August from one of my Friends Melissa and I didn't get around to trying it until September but It was definitely worth the wait! The colour is really pretty with it being a mixture between dark blue and purple it is a real stand out colour! The nail polish itself was fantastic
with not one bit of it coming off my nails after a 3 or 4 days. I LOVED IT! and this nail colour is an ideal autumn/winter colour!

Sally Hansen : Maximum Strength
I started to grow my nails at the start of September but I was having so many problems with my nails breaking and splitting so I decided I was going to do something about it! I went to the nearest Boots I could find and the first thing I seen was this and I tried it that night and the results is unreal. Your nails become stronger and longer in less than 2 weeks! I was so shocked, even though I had heard different things about the Sally Hansen Nail Treatments I didn't expect such a great result!

Nivea Daily Essentials: Tinted Moisturising Cream (Natural)
This product I started to use with my Mac Studio Fix Foundation so I would mix the two together to get a natural colour and I loved it! It is good as you don't have heavy foundation on your face all day as it is a moisturiser and leave my face feeling light and looking natural and thats why I love mixing it with my Mac Foundation! It is a great combination for me and I have always loved Nivea as a skincare brand!

W7 IN THE BUFF (Natural Nudes)
So this was a late birthday present and I had wanted to start experimenting with eye make up as FYI I AM PURE CRAP. I love the colours in this palette, they are neutral and really easy to work with!
I need to start using it more in October now!



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