I have been soooooo busy lately with school, work and just general life, I haven't had the time to post but Now IM BACK! With a post I thought I would never write to be honest : about applying eyeshadow and my experience with the whole thing. There are two types of people: people that are just amazing at applying eyeshadow and eye liner  and then there's me: the one that struggles to even apply just the eyeshadow! OH BTW FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM :

The eyeshadow palette I used for this look was the W7 In The Buff  Natural Nudes, Known for being dupe for the Naked 2 Palette I couldn't wait to try it!

The colours in this palette are very neutral and easy to work with for any skin tone and I just love the bronzy browns and light shimmery creams!

Colours Used: Dust : Dark Brown shade, Deep Shimmer
                        Sand : Shimmery Cream colour 
                        Buff  : Milk creamy matte colour 
All these colours were used all over my eye lid to create the bronze look.

I also done a full face of make up while I was at this so here it is! 
It is autumn inspired, I love the deep reds and bronze eyelid together.
Products Used: Foundation: Rimmel 25 Hours in 200 Soft Beige 
                         Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash (SOO GOOD)
                         Blush: Mac Margin in Frost Finish
                         Brows : Brow Drama Mascara Maybelline in Dark Brown.
                         Lips: Revlon 477 Black Cherry

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