Hello and welcome back to a new post on my blog. Today I will be talking about Make-up Brushes that I purchased some time ago and tell you if they really are worth it. These brushes come in sets of 4, I bought the face and the eye brushes from EBAY as I was really fascinated when I seen them as they were so inexpensive and looked great quality. I think these brushes are a dupe for the fantastic Zoova brushes that nearly every Youtuber and Blogger raves about and I wanted to put them to the test before investing a huge amount of money on the Zoova brand.

Here are some close up shots of the brushes...

I absolutely love these face brushes, they are unbelievable quality for the price and they really do blend your foundation and concealer into the skin well. They are the perfect size and I love the gold detail, they are soft on the skin and really are worth a try if you are looking for good foundation brushes.

The eye brushes for me are not as good because they are very small and even though they are good at blending the shadows into the eye lid, I still feel there not as great as the real techniques eye brushes. Even though they are so cheap, they didn't really win me over when it came to doing a full on dramatic eye look.

Overall I think the face brushes are amazing and I still can't get over the price of them. The eye brushes are ok, maybe I just need more practice with using these brushes. Who know's maybe one day I will begin to love them but for now my favourites are the Face Brushes. I would recommend these brushes to anyone that is considering buying new make-up brushes.

Thanks for reading! Till next Tuesday, NM.


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