The Senior Year | Survival Guide: Tips to deal with stress :)

Hey and welcome back to my blog, this the first edition of My Senior Year survival guide and I hope you enjoy this blogpost. The aim of this series is to help any students that feel stressed and alone in this very stressful and unbelievably scary time we call '6th year' in Ireland. I want people to feel they can relate and find guidance through reading this series as I would of loved to have something like this to help me through my Leaving Cert year.

Teachers on your case, finding it hard to cope with deadlines, work load and thoughts about future plans?
Don’t stress I am here to help with tips and advice that have been tried and tested by me, '6th year' is challenging but thankfully I survived and don't worry by staying calm and in control you will too, even though at the minute you feel it will never end. Right sorry for the rambles, Let's get started!

Tea : In my opinion, Tea was the biggest thing that got me through everyday of my the Leaving Cert year, everyday after school I would take a tea break before studying in the evening and this break helped to calm my nerves and give me that break away from all things school related.  I would advise anyone in an exam year to take a 30 min tea break after school. This break helped my mind to switch off and it was nice to have ‘me’ time that everyone should have after working all day especially people in exam years.

Talk it out: Take note of this one! Talk to friends and family members if you are feeling the stress at all during this year because remember they are here to support and help you through anything. Tell them everything. Let it all OUT, trust me on this one you will feel a hundred times better and that huge weight of guilt and worry will disappear just from having a conversation with close ones in your life. I know for me, 6th year was a extremely hard year for me dealing with really bad exam anxiety and doubts about the future but talking to friends helped to stay positive and this help me to cope better with school because I had an amazing group of friends around me daily. My Mam was also one of my biggest support system and still is, I could tell her anything and she would always have amazing advice for me and she made me feel a lot better about myself after just one simple conversation. REMEMBER: Wise words from wise people go a long way in life. 

Cry :  This is a funny one but it does help trust me :) You are probably wondering why this tip is on the list but in my opinion It is one of the most important. Crying during the leaving cert was one of biggest releases for me. The leaving cert can be very daunting and it really does play with your mental health at times, crying can relieve stress that builds up over time and sometimes after a good cry I was able to work more effectively because that pressure was gone and I felt truly better about myself after it was over.

Relaxation: During the Leaving Cert year, My bath and the shop 'Lush' became my newest best friends. Having a bath in the evening time really helped to control my on going school anxiety and it gave me something to look forward to after a long day of intense study. So to any stressed students reading this get yourself down to Lush. I loved the bath oils and bubble bars and still use them when I feel stressed or tried after a long day. It is a fantastic way to wind down and relax.

Music: Music has always been my escape from stress at school and general life. I would advise anyone to listen to your favourite music before exams or in the morning before school, this was truly calming for me and it helped me to start the day with a positive mindset. It reduces nervous feelings and this was one of the biggest stress relievers for me during 'The Leaving Cert' exam period.


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