The Senior Year | The Survival Guide : Organisation and Study Tips

Hey and welcome back to my blog! In today's post I will be talking about how to get organised and motivated to start efficient and effective study (I know it's hard). I hope some of these tips I will share with you in this post will be of some help and don't worry all of us have procrastinated when it comes to study. (Don't feel guilty if sometimes you find it hard to get motivated, we all have them off-days!)

1. Refill, Refill, Refill
For me the best way of studying was writing my study notes into a refill pad and learning it from sheets rather than hardbacks, I know it sounds so weird but notes in hardback books scared me because they were so big and bulky and quite overwhelming when it came to actually sitting down to study my notes. I would recommend buying plenty of refill pads and writing your own study notes because it can suit your learning style and you can lay them out in a way that suits you and your study techniques.

2. Get a folder for each subject
This tip seems pretty easy but sometimes it can be so hard to keep up with the amount of notes you receive from every single teacher for every subject and I would recommend buying the plastic polly pocket folders because they are easy to carry and not bulky because I can remember the weight of my school bag and it was ridiculous. P.s Look after that back. Each folder was so important to keep all sheets and study notes together because believe me by the time you get to the mocks you don't want that added stress of not having all your notes together. I would advised to definitely keep a folder for certain subjects such as English, Irish and Music because they usually have a lot on their course and its just handy to keep all your set works for music and strait pictures together for Irish.

3. Short Study Slots
I found studying in 30 minute slots was very effective for me because I could never just lock myself away for the whole day to study I had to take breaks to refresh and relax for a while. Trust me this was the best thing for myself, I couldn't think of anything worst than sitting at a desk for hours trying to study one topic it just wasn't physically possible and it's mentally draining for anyone. In my opinion, you will learn so much more from 30 minute study slots than dragging out the study all day.
Try it and see if it works for you, Study for 30 minutes and then take a 15-20 minute break to look at Social Media or talk to friends.

4. Spider Diagrams and Mind Maps
I would say I am definitely a visual learner and I only realised this in my last year of school. I always learned better through drawing spider diagrams and preparing mind maps. I didn't feel or look as overwhelming than a big pile of notes. I could focus on the diagram instead of a sheet with lots and lots of writing to study.

For English,  mind maps really helped me for planning my personal and creative essays as this gave me a guide and for me anyways I felt better when I had completed one because I had the foundations of the essay ready to write before I started the main body of the essay.


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