New year, New beginnings

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, one of my first goals of 2017 is to post more on this platform because I feel my presence on this blog is irregular and it's time for change because I have so many ideas for blogposts that I want to share with you on my blog this year. I hope you all had a fabulous christmas and new year. Now I am finished my exams for Semester 1 in Maynooth University and I am ready to take on a new year with new opportunities and chances to make this year the best one yet.

I really don't believe in setting resolutions, the word 'resolutions' is scary to me, I find setting 'resolutions' is really like lying to yourself because if you set them for yourself and fail at them, it makes you feel bad and only creates negative atmosphere for the new year ahead. With setting resolutions everything seems too real and it's hard to actually stick to them for a week never mind a whole year (well this my opinion on resolutions and mostly I am wrong but whatever)

So here are some of the goals I would like to try, achieve or take part in this year...

1. Travel more with friends
I am 19 years old (hard to believe because of my baby face and all but it's true) and I feel like I haven't travelled much with friends, actually no I have never travelled with my close friends and this year I want to change that because when we are older it would be nice to look back on memories of being young and exploring new places and seeing new things in different countries other than  sitting in Ireland for the rest our days.

Travelling I know will be hard for me because I am afraid of the 'unknown' which sounds so cheesy but it's true, wherever I go I need to know all the plans in advance because I find it hard to just go with the flow of things and enjoy the experience. This year though I am stepping out of my comfort-zone and I will travel in the summertime with my close friends. I don't know yet where that will be to  but sure wherever it is I will be experiencing new things with great people.

2. Work hard, play hard
With this goal I am referring to trying my best with college work and giving it my best shot. I know this is my first year and all but it is important to me always put a one hundred percent into everything I do. I want to do well for 'myself' no one else and this is important to 'me'.

Since starting my college experience in Maynooth University, I am focused on working on my skills and learning as much as I can on my chosen field which is Media and Business. I want to succeed in the Media Industry and by working hard for this at the start of my college life it will set me up with a good work ethic when I finally depart college and enter the working world of the Media Industry.

I want to also focus my time on my blog and it's content, it is really important to me that I produce blogposts that I am interested in and I would like to create content that is more based around fashion side of blogging because I have a huge interest in Fashion and as a daily reader of many blogs I have always loved fashion posts the most. Fashion is my thing that I feel I have full control over and it gives me the freedom to be as creative and expressive through my own personal style and that feeling makes me happy. Another area I want to talk more about on this blog is my love for music and performance. Music gives me a sense of comfort that nothing else can give and I want to share it with others who have an interest in type of music I like to perform and listen to regularly.

3. Making this summer count.
My last couple of summers have just been ok. and this is definitely something I would like to change because summer should be a time for new experiences and creating new memories to laugh and smile about in the future. My wish list for Summer 2017:

-Visit at least two countries in Europe
-Go to a festival in Europe
-Go to a festival in Ireland (ahem EP)
-Explore Ireland
-continuous summer nights out with my friends

I know this blogpost has been some serious cheese but if you don't like cheese don't read, simples!
Let's all pray I actually stick to at least one of these goals for 2017. It's time to make this year amazing. Thank you for the read and until next time x NM


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