Hey everyone and welcome back to another post on my blog. In today's post I am going to be reviewing the very popular make-up brand NYX. This brand has became massive in Ireland in the past couple of years and I decided I would try some of their products to see if they are worth the hype and the money. NYX is an american brand which has became very popular because of it's exposure by famous you tubers, and that's how I got to know the brand and I would definitely recommend trying at least one of their products as they are usually good quality while also having a great price range.

I have been using these series of make-up products for the last couple of months and many of them have became a favourite to use when doing my make-up regularly.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
I am obsessed with trying different types of liquid lipsticks and I heard good reviews from other bloggers and you tubers about their  Soft Matte Lip creams. When I first applied this product it was strange because usually a liquid lipstick is 'Matte' and sometimes drying but with this lip cream it felt comfortable on the lips while still giving you that 'Matte' effect. The lip creams I tried were not sticky and they were unbelievably pigmented I was especially impressed by the Red Lip cream because it didn't need much applying when I wore it on a night out which is every girl's dream in a liquid lipstick.

 Red Colour - Amsterdam
 Pinky mauve colour- Instanbul

NYX Highlight and contour palette
I received this for my birthday back in August and haven't stop using it since, this palette has a nice variety of contour colours from warm to cool tones that are perfect for creating and craving out your cheekbones. I used the cooler tones first to create the contour shadow and then went in with the warm brown to deepen and create a visible contour on the face. I also used the translucent powder (as you can see from this picture it has been well loved) to set all over my face and neck, when I am applying my concealer and foundation I like to set it with a matifying powder because I don't like my skin to look too dewy and prefer a smooth finish. 
I would advise anyone to purchase this palette as it is ideal for many skin tones and makes it easy to create a strong and precise contour for day and night time looks. The only downfall of this palette is the highlighters aren't as pigmented which is a shame but they are bulidable and perfect for anyone that prefers a light highlight.

NYX Matte Bronzer
I only bought this bronzer a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I am only getting used to this product now. I normally use this type of Bronzer to add warmth all over my face and neck. This type of bronzer though is probably too matte for this because I like normally like a bit of shimmer  (it adds that glow in my opinion especially on nights out) This bronzer is ok not the best but I have only started to use this product so maybe in a few weeks my view will change.

NYX Pore filler primer
I received this primer as a present a couple of months ago, it was great that I received this product because I would of never bought it myself I tend to rely on primers that are based around making the skin smooth and supplying some hydration to my skin because I can have serious problems with dry skin on my face. So this type of primer was new for me, it focuses on minimising pores which I wouldn't really have a problem with but I decided to try it and see did it make a different to my skin, after applying this product a few times I have to say I love it. It's soooo smooth which I wasn't expecting at all, actually the smoothest primer I have ever used, it reminded me so much of the popular smash box primers. You could say the NYX primers are a dupe for the smash box ones because they do the exact same thing which is amazing. Same product for the fraction of the price.

NYX HD concealer
This product was one of most exciting products for me to try because I love testing new concealers and comparing them to others available. This concealer is one of the best I have used that is technically 'drugstore' and I would actually rate it better than the Nars creamy concealer. It is the perfect shade for me and it doesn't dry up instantly on the skin before you apply. I use it for priming my eyes before applying eyeshadows and it blends easy as well as never creasing on the eye lids. This concealer is perfect for people with dry skin and I would highly recommend buying this product for priming your eyes. Fab!

I hope you enjoyed this post. This brand has became a favourite and I hope you gained some insight from reading this NYX review.
The most annoying thing is trying to get your hands on NYX products because they have been discontinued from most pharmacies and are now only exclusive to high end retail stores such as Arnotts. (another excuse to go shopping in Dublin) until next time thanks for reading. NM


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