Hey and welcome back to my blog! In today's blogpost I am talking about all things skincare related, from a young age I have been using skincare on a regular basis. It has always been part of my daily routine. I think it is extremely important to look after your skin and it is really easy to do as there are many affordable products in the market. I want to talk about the products I love and how they are easy and gentle to use on the skin everyday.

Nivea Products: From the start of my teenage years I have always used some sort of Nivea skincare. My mam has always used it and she advised me to look after my skin from a young age. I have tried many types of moisturers from this well known brand and now I use the 'Nivea Essentials' Day cream. It is perfect for using as a base for applying makeup or if you just want hydrated skin all day this is the best moisturer for me because my skin type is normal but can sometimes be dry around my 
nose and this helps combat this area. It is light and sinks into the skin quickly which is the one feature I want to have in my daily moisture. 

I also love using their make-up removers too because they are really gentle on the skin and it easily takes my make-up off especially after nights out and long days at college.
The last couple of months I have been using their micellar water which is wayyyy better than the over-hyped Garnier Micellar water. As well as using thMicellar water I also use their 'extra gentle eye make-up remover'. It is unreal with one swipe my eye makeup is gone and it isn't harsh on my eyes. So quick and easy to use on my skin.

For me have the feeling of hydrated skin is vital when it comes to my everyday skin routine and I have been a Hydrating mist to add extra moisture to my skin especially in the morning and sometimes at night before I go to bed. The one I use has always done the job for my type of skin and it feels incredible when applied to the skin.

Avene- Thermal Spring Water 

At Night I also like to use a lighter face cream so it dries quickly and doesn't irritate me when I am trying to sleep, I use the Body Shop Vitamin E cream. This cream is amazing as it has a light watery  formula and feels great on the skin. 

Face Masks: I like to use a face mask at least once a week because it makes my skin feel so fresh. When I use a face mask I think my skin looksbetter and it prevents breakouts (for me) if you find the right face mask that satisfies your needs and skin type. I use Loreal Detox mask and I occasionally use the 'Garnier Moisture Bomb' when my skin feels extra dry and tight. Both these face mask are really affordable and available in a variety of ranges and types to fit everyone's skin needs.

Thanks so much for reading. Until next time 


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