Dua Lipa - Making 'New Rules' in the Fashion World

Welcome back! I am so proud of myself for  writing another blogpost less than a week since the last one 'crazy'. My goal for this college year is to be consistent with everything including the activity on my blog. So with that hopefully I will be posting at least once a week in the coming months wish me luck!

Dua Lipa has literally taken the world by storm since her massive hit 'New Rules' dropped a couple f
of months ago. The song to some degree is undoubtedly relatable to the female population of this world, this has made her one of the biggest role models for most of us because the lyrics are extremely identifiable and catchy to us listeners. For me, she hasn't just caught my eye through her clever songwriting and amazing singing voice but also through her unique sense of style on and off stage. She wears clothes that stand out from your typical bubblegum popstar.

I am absolutely obsessed with her performance outfits, they always have that element of edge mixed with comfort which is very important when she is jumping around to her energetic anthems on a daily basis. I have noticed recently that Dua Lipa is a big fan of wearing baggy trousers especially during festival season which I adored because they look really cool teamed with her choice of funky bralettes and crop tops. This is a perfect combination for Lipa on-stage as it shows off her amazing figure while still refreshing and forward with her fashion sense.

Her style is a mix of modern day and 90's fashion, this includes oversized tees and rocking the denim on denim look which personally is one of my favourite trends to come back into fashion in 2017. She also tends to rock comfy sneakers a lot of the time with her usual get-ups, with this it is ideal that she is the face of Foot Locker, an American sportswear company. She is the perfect brand ambassador for this company as she prides herself with being completely happy with feeling secure and in control of  her style of clothes and footwear.

I couldn't write this blogpost without mentioning my love of Denim and Dua Lipa is no stranger to pulling off this look regularly, as usual she wears it with confidence and shows she can experiment with any risky trend. She brings her own signature touch to the table and isn't afraid to step out of her comfort zone with creating looks with denim. Dua Lipa is undoubtedly a lady that knows her craft and fashion, showing us she isn't scared to express herself through loud and colourful clothes onstage and offstage.


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