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Welcome back to my blog! This week's post is all about my fashion faves from the highly anticipated NYFW.  This is a time for designers to showcase all their designs and creations on a catwalk to the fashion industry and where else would be the perfect place only the biggest city for high-end Fashion- New York. In this piece I will be chatting all my favourite looks from one of the biggest week's in fashion, this includes looks on-off the catwalk.

Casual Looks-
This year's NYFW focused heavily on the casual side of Fashion, which I was very pleased to see because this means we are ourselves can try and emulate some of the looks that featured throughout the week. This included Oversized tops and jumpers, one of my favourite looks was from hot-trot model Gigi Hadid. She really does make causal look effortlessly cool by pairing the vibrant pink jumper with blue slouch jeans and sparkly loafers, really quirky and well put together by the model.

Another famous model that knows how to do casual well is Kendall Jenner, she is known for her daring looks on the catwalk but during her down time she can be spotted in clothes that are comfy yet still fashionable. She was spotted leaving her apartment in NYC wearing an oversized muted grey top teamed with a pair of her trusty mom jeans that she lives by. She also wears this with a pair of pointed black ankle patent boots which instantly finishes off this fierce yet casual look for the model.

All the model of NYFW seem to know how to do 'Casual' extremely well on their down-time because Kaia Gerber, the Daughter of Cindy Crawford hasn't placed a foot wrong when it comes to her 'Casual' style during NYFW. She stepped out in a plain and simple outfit yesterday wearing a pair of acid wash denim shorts teamed with a oversized black leather jacket. This outfit is so simple yet stylish and I like how she isn't afraid to add the element of sport with a pair of retro Nike Trainers.

Fancy Fashion off the catwalk-
Moving on from the casual side of NYFW, I am going to turn my attention to the fancy looks that have stood out to me over the past couple of days following the fashion event of the year.
There has been a heavy influence on Co-Ordinates this year at NYFW which I am obsessed with, I adore wearing co-ords as they are structured yet fun to wear for any occasion day or night.  I am pleased trend isn't leaving us any time soon.

A couple of Co-ordinates that caught my eye during NYFW this year.
Co-ordinates- structured yet fun, sporty comfortable yet fashion forward.

Kaia Gerber 

Bella Hadid

On the catwalk:
So now finally I am going to talk about the trends taking over the catwalk at this year's NYFW, over the years I hadn't notice the trends on the catwalk which is very ironic because that is the point of Fashion Week but this year I was impressed with what designers had to offer for the next season in this industry and I am excited to see what trends will explode onto our fashion scene over the next couple of months.

Statement trousers
The statement trouser was a massive part of NYFW, with at least every designer showing one piece that included a loud and energetic pair of trousers. It is all about the pattern and colour of the trousers this year at NYFW, there is no boundaries when it comes to the structure or cut of the trousers. I find this interesting because this mean any fashion lover can find a pair that suits their shape and most importantly their individual style.

Yellow silk statement trousers worn by Kaia Gerber on the catwalk stood out to me by a mile, so playful and unique.

The Pant suit has been a iconic trend for a while now and it is not going away any time soon which is amazing because in my opinion they scream power and bring a whole new meaning to your normal 'work' suit. NYFW focuses on again colour especially the pastel colours and the structured suit has taken a back seat for now, with the suit being slouchy and oversized this season.

Pant suit taken from Victoria Beckham new collection at NYFW

A fashion range designed by one of the most successful business women in the world, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She has taken the entire world by storm from releasing a beauty line to working with top designers to create this collection of 'Sport Luxe' clothing for legendary brand 'Puma'.

Rihanna wearing the FentyXPuma Collection at NYFW

This collection is obviously sports orientated because it is represented and made by a huge sports brand 'Puma'. Robyn's collection is helping the brand to put their stamp on the fashion industry by stepping out of their comfort zone and experimenting with their sportswear, guiding them in the right direction in contemporary fashion with only good reviews about the collection from many top fashion experts to date.

Inspired by the 80's sportswear- use of bright colours, material used for the clothing resembles the sport gear from the 80's and the heavy use of sportswear in Fashion is a step in a new direction for the fashion world. This collection represents everything about the Brand and their clothing.

More of my fave looks from this year's NYFW

Bella Hadid in Denim

Victoria Beckham in a simple white tee and blue jeans.

Kaia Gerber showcasing another piece from the FentyXPuma Collection


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