How to take photos for your Nu. Profile

Hey everyone! Finally back with a new blogpost.In today’s post I will be discussing how you can brush up on your photography skills and make your photos stand out from the crowd on your Nu. Profile. The main aim of the post is to show fellow Nu. lovers how take cool photos for their Profile in the simplest form following these short and simple steps.

Background- In my opinion I feel the background is one of the most important elements when taking photos for your profile on Nu. The background attracts the attention of the consumer/viewer and when selecting a background for your photos I would advise keeping the backdrop simple preferably neutral (use bright shades such as white) so the item you are showcasing can be the main focus of the picture.

I would recommend using a white piece of cardboard or even a white sheet if you have one handy in your house. For my photos I decided to use my marble bed sheet cover from penneys as my backdrop and it looks really cool on my Nu. profile. Why not try it? Cute duvet covers can be bought in Penneys for less than 7 euro. The backdrop of a photo is really down to your personal preference and what style you want your Nu. profile to represent.

Angles- the positioning of a photo is another important aspect to focus on, High angled shots are perfect to ensure all areas of the clothing is visible in the photo. Close up shots are useful to capture the colour and texture of clothing as users get a detailed view of the item.

If you can try- on photos are excellent to have on your profile, it gives users an insight into what the item will look like on an actual person and they can get a sense of reality on how to style and wear the piece. Another top tip: take plenty of shots at different angles: front, back etc. Personally, you can never have too many photos on your Nu. profile.


Camera- To be honest, it really doesn't matter if you don’t have the best camera for taking photos, as long as your background looks cute and the lighting in the photo is correct. Taking pictures of clothing is all about the focus and light. I used my iPhone 5s and it isn't the best quality but I made it work. Work with what you have.

Lighting- this is a useful tip, try and take your photos beside a window during the day. This gives the best natural light and this means you don’t need any fancy lighting to make your photos look good. Remember to personalise the photos for your Nu. profile, show your creativity and personal style through the use of the Nu. platform while also doing a good deed by saving the planet!
Stand out and be different!

This is only a short blogpost, thank you for reading and I will be back with more posts in the coming weeks!

stay tuned x


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