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Welcome back to the blog, Today's post is all about my favourite fashion picks of 'The Grammys' that took place last Sunday. The Grammys isn't just about the music, the fashion and red carpet antics are as equally important in my opinion. I want to make this post super short so here goes..

Camilla Cabello
There is something about Red that is just classic and always works on the red carpet, Camilla decided to take the classic yet timeless red dress approach at this year's Grammys which I thought was perfect for her shape and oozed elegance on the red carpet. The ruffling detail added texture to the look and it was hands down one of my favourite looks of the night. Simplicity always works.

Anna Kendrick and Eve 
I am the biggest fan of a power pant suit especially on the red carpet. A couple of celebrities that literally hit the nail on the head with this trend was Actress Anna Kendrick and Singer 'Eve'
Kendrick suit had a statement print known as 'Dogtooth' teamed with baby pink heels which made her stand out from the crowd on the red carpet. The cut and design of the suit was perfect for Kendrick style and shape. I loved the gold detailed buttons as it added an extra luxury to the outfit. Singer 'Eve' pant suit was unbelievably cool as it was completely embellished and it was simple yet loud, which is ideal for an awards ceremony like 'The Grammys'

Anna Kendrick 

Singer 'Eve'

Hailee Steinfeld
I have just realised that most of my outfit picks from The Grammys are actually actresses and less music related, opps! Another actress that really stood out on the Red Carpet was Hailee Steinfeld, she wore a crisp white straight cut dress teamed with a pair of bold futuristic purple thigh high boots. This look isn't your typical red carpet look which is why I completely fell in love when I seen it! She wasn't afraid to be different and forward with her fashion choice. The dress is simple but the thigh boots adds that cool edge that represents Stenfeld loud red carpet style.

Zayn Malik 
Not to forget the Men's Fashion, usually I wouldn't pass any remarks on the Men's suits at 'The Grammys' but Zayn Malik suit stood out for all the right reasons. It was vibrant and screamed individuality. Zayn is a fashion lover and this look definitely earned him some style credit.
Pink is a huge colour for the incoming season especially with suits, so he is starting he trend even before it becomes relevant in the fashion world!

This post was extremely short,  I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully I will be back with more fashion related posts every forenight. Fingers crossed x

FF x

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