| Winter chills in February |

I don't know about anyone else but I am very excited for brighter and warmer days in Ireland. I know sometimes this combination can be tough to achieve with our climate but here is hoping!
I feel recently the weeks are just flying in with deadlines for assignments and the general craziness of life. This blogpost I decided to mix things up and bring yet another winter outfit but with wacky colours and bright features to represent my recent mood.

As you can see from the photos I am very content at the minute with my life. Everything and everyone in it are great and I am loving adapting a positive attitude to my daily life in 2018.
My motto this year is 'Good vibes only' which can be cheesy but it's so true. It can be easy just to see the negative traits in everything we do and not actually realise that sometimes things to happen for a reason.

I recently wrote an article for my Maynooth University Student Union about tips on how maintain positive mental health in your life. Please go check it out if you are feeling down or need some guidance on where to get help.

This outfit is perfect for the weather at the minute, it is very very cosy yet stylish and cool.
Usually I hate wearing a coat because it can ruin your outfit lol but that is not an option in Ireland because a warm coat is essential for every person that lives here. I decided to mix up and add a pop of colour. I love the colour yellow and I am trying to incorporate more bright colours into my wardrobe this year, I have always been your 'black always works' kind of gal when it comes to fashion but in 2018 hopefully this will change.

Outfit Details:

Beanie: River Island 

Yellow Sweatshirt: Shein

Puffer Jacket: Penneys 

Dungarees: New Look

Creepers: Korky's

Socks: Penneys 

Most of these items of clothing I have had for years and I just style them differently or add new items to create a new look. My charcoal grey dungarees from New look are about 2 years old now but I think dungarees are a classic and fun staple to have in your wardrobe. My creepers which I absolutely adore and wear nearly every second day to college are another staple part of my wardrobe because you can wear them with a casual or formal outfit, it's all about the way you style your clothes. Be creative and stand out! 

With this outfit I wanted to bring a light into the dark gloomy weather we are experiencing through my clothes and I am excited to see what this year brings in every aspect of my life. Just remember if you are feeling sad, anxious or lonely don't hesitate to talk and let people know how you feel. None of us are perfect.

Thank you for reading this post, this next post is hopefully an exciting one as I am heading over to London so watch out for some pictures in LDN on my Instagram and on the blog!

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