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Welcome back to my blog, I hope you all had a fabulous bank holiday. This weekend was mental with work and celebrations for Paddy's day (nursing a hangover the day after), it was not fun lol.
I am now back home in Monaghan because I have two weeks off from college, with that I want to focus my time and effort on creating more outfit posts and producing content I love and enjoy for the blog.

It feels extremely weird being off for two weeks from college because I like my daily routine way too much and living away from home to be honest. Monaghan is way smaller than Maynooth and I live in the countryside here with no form of transportation during the day because I haven't learned how to drive yet which sounds bad because I am 21 in August. Learning how to drive is on my to do list this Summer hopefully when I have more time to focus on just it and nothing else. It gives me complete anxiety thinking about learning how to drive and juggling college work. No Thanks!

Anyways, The sun finally decided to show it's face now in March here in Ireland. Welcome to our crazy and uncontrollable climate. Although it was still quite cold on Bank holiday Monday, I thought it was still appropriate to break out the sunnies and add a mix of bright colours into my outfit for the day.

Recently I have been really inspired by a variety of fashion accounts on Instagram,  one of the biggest inspirations for my style and sometimes I envy some of them because I want everything they post and this is not good for my bank account or soul lol.

Some accounts that I always click the like button for all their posts literally.
Check them out if you aren't following them already!




Don't get me wrong, I do like trends in Fashion but sometimes fashion pieces can have their own unique character and that is  when you know they are timeless and will always have a place in your wardrobe. This jacket is one that kind of piece for me.  A piece I will wear for years because it is colourful and unique to any other jacket I own. I bought this about 2 years ago and I usually wear it for special occasions like if I was performing on stage because it is a real stand out piece.
This jacket can be teamed with a simple outfit and it instantly transforms the outfit.

Outfit details:

Jacket- Shein 

Mom Jeans- Topshop 

Shoes- Vans Old Skool 

Socks- Penneys 

Sweatshirt- Vintage Market in London 

Sunglasses- Topshop 

I am so ready for Summer, so many fun things planned which means more posts fot the blog.
Thanks for reading, new posts coming the next couple of weeks with more time to focus on it with the freedom from college!!

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