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From childhood I always had an interest in dressing up and putting outfits together, I think my love for fashion all started from looking at photos of my mum when she was younger and realising that an outfit can express who you want to be and be more than just 'normal' in this world. Since a caught the fashion bug my huge passion for the industry is certainty not changing anytime soon.

In recent months I have discovered a new form of fashion buying called 'Thrifting' which of course can be described as vintage shopping but for me it also has that element of excitement that no one can put into words. Thrift shopping is an art, you can be lucky and find some incredible pieces when you spend your time looking through small, alternative and nifty shops usually located in recluse area away from your 'typical' high street shops. It has become my new obsession when shopping for new pieces for my wardrobe. I got sick of looking in the same stores and websites for a while because everything seemed to be the 'same'.

Thrifting is different, it opens your eyes to a world of fashion you never knew existed and adds that life back into the shopping experience we all love to adore. I recently went to the vintage markets in London and I instantly fell in love. If I had the dolla in the morning, I would move straight to London just for the vintage and thrift shop scene. Some amazing fashion pieces to be found at great prices.
I also like shopping for vintage online through ASOS marketplace and I have purchased a few items from Tola Vintage, a vintage store based in the City Centre of Dublin.

I recently found this oversized checkered shirt in a charity shop, it reminds me of grandad shirt but it just caught my eye and I thought it would be perfect for layering in winter and summer in Ireland. The price of clothes in Charity shops are crazy cheap and you feel good because you are also giving back. If you are bored of your regular shopping trips why not mix it up and give thrifting and vintage shopping a try!

Outfit details:

Oversized shirt- charity shop

Polo neck- New Look

Mom Jeans- Vintage Levis

Frilly socks- River Island

Creepers- Korkys

Glasses- Shein

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