| Holiday Style Fix- Summer Edition |

We all want to feel and look our best everyday, but when it comes to picking outfits on holidays everyone tries to go the extra mile to feel confident and stylish in the sun. When I know I have a trip booked, I instantly start looking for fashion pieces that represent me and my personal style. Summer can sometimes be a difficult season for me to choose clothes because I am used to neutral colours and jackets being a staple taking over my wardrobe on daily basis due to the Irish climate. I created a poll on my Instagram last week asking what you wanted to see on my blog this week and holiday styling tips was extremely popular.

I want to keep this blogpost  an easy- read for you all, so here is a few style tips I follow myself when preparing and styling on summer holidays.

1. Staples are Key.
It is very important to have staple pieces in your wardrobe that never stray far from ever-changing fashion trends, especially for the summer season. It is ideal to have 'timeless' fashion pieces that you feel comfortable in and that suit your particular style. For me, I have a couple of pairs of denim shorts I wear year after year that I always go back to and pack for a holiday abroad.
Denim is an iconic and a 'timeless' trend that truly will never go out of fashion. Denim shorts can be teamed with many fashion pieces over and over again. Oversized t-shirts are another staple for me on holidays, they are easy to style and can be easily paired with loose trousers, denim shorts or even as a t-shirt dress over swimwear. Tip: find your staple pieces and work your looks around them!

2. Two-Pieces
I  am a huge fan of two pieces regardless of the season, although in the summer time and on holidays they can look amazing and fashionable for either a day or evening attire. They are easy to style and in my opinion 'Two Pieces' are a ' ready to wear' outfit with no extra styling required, thats what makes them so effortless and ideal for holiday season. Tip- No worries= Two Pieces. Invest in at least one two piece, you won't regret it.

3.Pic n Mix Swimwear
On holidays you will need swimwear at some stage whether it is for sitting poolside to relaxing at the beach, everyone should choose swimwear that makes them feel comfortable and confident. I would advise having the best of both worlds by purchasing a bikini and a swimsuit. Swimsuits are back in fashion and there are so many to choose from and when purchasing bikinis I would buy two neutral colours and rotate between the bikini tops and bottoms, it looks cool and you can change up the swimwear look everyday!

4.No- Fuss Airport Outfit
All over social media, I always see people talking about how your 'Airport outfit' is your most important outfit on your holidays and up until recently I believed this but after my last trip where silly me decided to wear mom jeans on a four hour flight this has complete changed my perception of an 'airport outifit'. Comfort is key, you are stuck in a confined space for a serious amount of time at the airport and on the aeroplane. I would suggest trying out the 'sporty luxe' look as it is cool and comfortable while giving you them 'holiday vibes' at the airport.

Just a couple of tips to help anyone feeling lost in this summer holiday season, hope you enjoyed this post and if you are interested in seeing more from my blog and fashion posts follow me on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/fashionfollows_/


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