| 20: what I have learned so far |

ok so this gal has little or not time left until she turns 21 and I still can't believe it. How does time go so fast, sometimes I feel I can't keep up with the months every year and then they become a distant memory. Living nearly 21 years on this earth can bring with it quite a few life lessons and with that comes the good and the bad. In this blogpost I want express some of my thoughts about what I think growing up really is and what you really learn under the experience you build with age.

1. School days are not always the best days of your life.- well certainly not for me, I mostly hated and dreaded the thought of going into school everyday and competing academic wise with others. I wasn't always the most academic person, I never enjoyed any of your conventional subjects like Maths or science but I always tried my best. One thing I can always stand by is I always tried my best to work hard at whatever I done in school. If you are reading this and worrying about school, with the feeling that it will never come to an end just remember that everyone has their path in life and school definitely doesn’t define your path.

I also found difficult  dealing with the anxiety exams would bring with them as I felt i had no control over what as I was doing as half the time I hated it or found it hard to grasp but in University I still have exam anxiety but not to the extent it was at school. Also maybe with age you are able to deal with exams better but I am not too sure on that one.

Another thing in school was the concept of fitting in and dealing with friendship fallouts, thank god the start of my senior cycle I found a fantastic group of friends that just worked well but the junior years were a disaster sometimes haha. I don't resent any of them experiences though cause they are just part of learning and growing up I suppose.

2. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. This is a big one for me, as for a long time I had a sense of overpowering negativity that I just could shift and then when it came to finally leaving school and doing what I love in University I have finally started to see certain situations that I couldn't control in a different and more positive light. If you can't control something, there really is no point dwelling on what could of been or what if this happened. Everything in life happens because it shapes your path and sometimes it works out better for you in the end.

3. People come and go but they teach you a lesson. Everyone has certain people in their lives that they were once close to but now they have grown apart, I think that is just life in general and sometimes keeping someone in your life that isn't good for you is selfish on yourself. It is nice to remember that sometimes people come and go but you will never forget your time with them. It's sad getting older because this because more and more relevant as people move away and start new journeys in their lives but it's reality.

4. Don't care what other people think or say. This is a very important one that really does come and grow stronger with age, it' s hard not to listen to other criticise or judge you because for some reason as humans we love to be loved by everyone. My advice would be to not let anyone stop you from doing you and don't let the judge of others get you down. It's hard sometimes I know from putting myself out there with my blog, people still like to judge and talk but let them for me it is just sad to think that people care that much to judge others probably because they are afraid to do it themselves.

A quick look back at my younger and cuter years haha

I was cool when I was younger lol
I loved the camera from a real young age, I was always performing for anyone who would actually put up with me lol

A picture with me and my two older sisters, I was always the princess of the family and pink was my choice of colour all day everyday back then. I love how 90's this picture looks. The youngest i.e Me always gets away with too much and this was just the way I liked it lol.

Did anyone else go through a constant state of wearing their hair in pigtails when they were younger and I love the way my top says 'STAR', I always wanted to be centre of attention and entertainment people.

I was a real sass queen when I was younger and still am, maybe that is a good thing. I knew what I wanted and always put up a fight to get it lol.  My parents nicknamed me Niamh 'Want' Murray. I got what I wanted in every way but now when I look back it's funny because If I seen a child acting like that now I would totally judge them and call them spoiled. To some degree I was spoilt but now as you get older and more mature you grow out of that mindset.

Looking back at these photos are making me extremely cringe and lol so soz for all the lols

I hope you liked this personal reflection of just a few things I have learned over the last 20 years, let’s hope for more journeys and fabulous experiences in the future.

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Thank you all for your support in reaching 1k, I know for some people this is not much in this industry but i just love what I do and I want to share it with more people.

FF x


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