Hey all, welcome back to another weekly post! This week I decided to do something slightly different on my blog and my instagram page for this post. The introduction of IGTV (Instagram TV) has got me thinking about creating visual content and I think this platform is perfect for me to launch this type of content I have been dreaming of finally starting for years! For me, I love posting and using Instagram on a regular basis and it would be ideal to have all my work under the one platform. Let me what you think of IGTV? Is it a good or bad move for the visual posting application.


In University,  I am currently studying Media as part of my degree. It has been a love/hate relationship with this subject this year but I have learned that I will always love creating visuals and content regardless of the intensity or hard work that is involved in producing all types of media-based projects. When I was younger, I was obsessed with creating short videos/clips and editing non-stop. It was one of my favourite things to do and  It was interesting and presented with it a sense of pride when I was happy with the content I produced. To this day I still get that feeling of excitement and happiness when I produce a blogpost, picture or video I have worked hard on and enjoyed the process of creating the finished look.

It is the perfect opportunity to finally start producing videos I have been thinking of doing for years and years, even before I started blogging or posting on my fashionfollows_  instagram. My online journey has been slow but everyday I am creating new posts and ideas is one step closer to creating my 'own' platform that I am proud and happy to post online.

This stylebook is a variety of clips that I have carefully edited together of what I wear on a daily basis and to establish my own unique style through video content rather than just still image.
I hope you enjoy this Lookbook and please let me know if you like this type of content from me, I want to produce more and more lookbooks for IGTV and your feedback is extremely helpful.

Thanks for reading, until next week x


  1. Really loving your outfits in this post. I personally haven't used IGTV but I've thought about using it.


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