Hey all, welcome back to another weekly post. This week I was thinking about all the new accounts and bloggers I have discovered over the past 6 months of finally starting my own fashion account. I realised that there are a crazy amount of talented people showcasing their looks and personal style on the platform and it is nice to see that many of these accounts are extremely supportive towards one another and their work. The blogging community can sometimes receive backlash from others in the media for being perceived as bitchy and way too competitive but in my case thankfully I have never experienced this since starting my Instagram account a few months ago.

It really is all about finding a special 'niche' and going for it, don't let others get in your way and do 'you'.

In this post, I want to discuss a variety of Instagram accounts I idolised and aw on a regular basis. The content produced by each and every one of these ladies is outstanding and the quality is amazing in every single post. These accounts are mainly based on Fashion and Lifestyle as I think this is the 'niche' that suits me the most and presents most of my interested when browsing through Instagram.


I started following this gal a few months ago and I can safely say I never get tired of her content.
Her style is literally goals and she has the perfect mix of street style and cute outfits. When she posts a photo I always like it because she never goes wrong with her fashion choice.

A true fashion-gal that creates her own style with a twist. Fashioniflux can take anything basic and transform it into forward fashion in minutes through her insightful styling videos. Her styling videos are addictive and I always tend to start watching them when I need inspiration for festival or holiday outfits, she can take a simple white tee and make it look completely different in so many ways. She is a talented fashion blogger and creater in the blogsphere. 

Recently I have been drawn to this fashion account because I am just obsessed with Amy's style, it is trendy and different to most fashion bloggers you come across online. Another gal that is unbelievably creative as she is now as Creator and Designer for her very own fashion company 'Fuchsia.shaw' Her designs are amazing and there is no doubt her business will only grow bigger and better in the future. She is one to watch in the fashion world and in opinion can do no wrong in the blogger industry. I also love her IGTV videos, her Lookbooks are exciting and inspiring for me as a small fashion blogger.


A real 90's gal.
Omg I was literally sooo excited when I found this fashionista's Instagram. It screams 'effortlessly cool' She was one of the reasons I wanted to work hard and become better on my Instagram page. This true London gal is all about being herself and showing the fashion world that she has well and truly arrived through her fashion sense and unique vintage clothing. Everyday I look forward to seeing her adventures around London thrifting and vintage shopping. She has inspired my style and I have a huge amount of respect and love for her content. A must follow for any retro fashion lovers.

I hope you found this post helpful and please have a look at these accounts they are really worth the follow.

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Till next time x


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