48 Hours in LDN

The title is perfect for this blogpost as we literally spent about 48 hours in London last week. Our mini vacay did not start on the best terms with our RYANAIR flight being cancelled 15 minutes before initial take-off. After a short haha lol 15 hour wait in Dublin Airport tired and desperate to get to London and a lot of fight to get seats on a plane we finally arrived that night. Lesson is never will I ever fly with Ryanair again lol

Anyways I have been to London countless times now and every time I visit this magical city I always want to come back or consider moving there haha. Here was my experience of 48 hours in LDN, some tips and advice for some who are interested in exploring the city.

Things to do and see:

Visit Carnaby Street- a very pretty street in London beside Oxford circus and not as busy sometimes lol, I liked the way there was a mixture of small independent stores as well as popular brand names. This area is definitely worth a stroll down the street even just for a browse and nosy at inner-city London life.

Oxford Circus- This is your typical tourist destination for the newbies to London. Even though at times this place can give you anxiety because of the craziness and busy nature of people, it is still a huge part of the full London experience. This trip confirmed to me that shopping for hours on end is not my thing anymore, I enjoy the comfort of browsing on my laptop too much now. Online and vintage shopping is more my thing.

The Shard- On Tuesday night, myself and Eoghan went to one of the tallest buildings in London (The Shard). It was an amazing and I highly recommend to anyone heading to the big city to go and see the views of London. It was fabulous in the evening time and was perfect to grab a drink and take in the scenes of the city. You can literally see everything in London and beyond. Tickets were around 25 pounds and this ticket comes with a complimentary cocktail or drink of choice. In my opinion, this price is reasonable for a London attraction. The cocktails were actually out of this world and too easy to drink. Also the staff service was faultless. A must see and do when you come to London.

Food- to be completely honest we struggled finding places to eat in one of the biggest cities in the world, I didn't really research it too well so my fault haha. I think our issue was finding the right places to eat, it was definitely nothing got to do with the quality and variety of food, maybe when we come back we will have more time to explore and try more foodie places in the city. A quick overview of the places we did dined in: Zizzi's (Italian Restaurant) google maps must of hated us that night trying to find this place we walked the streets of London ten times over lol. The food selection was shocker mostly pizza and pasta which we didn't mind, I got a pasta dish which I really enjoyed. For me, it was one of the best Italian meals I have had to date from any Italian restaurant. The scenery from Zizzi's was also lovely overlooking the river bank which obviously was a nice touch to our meal. For drinks, I would recommend trying their cocktails I got one called 'Mint Gin Fizz', so fab and refreshing!

Five guys- crazy but our first time ever eating here, even though this franchise is in Ireland, we never came across it until now. My boyfriend is officially obsessed with their burgers and you get sooo much food in one meal, the setting of the place is also cool. Worth a try if you get the chance to in London or anywhere!

Travel- another realisation of the trip was that the transportation in London is extremely high quality compared to other cities, so fast and very reliable. Don't be afraid to use the tube and explore all parts of the city with many stops at every corner of the city!

Cheap stay- I was also surprised about how reasonable it can be to stay in the capital, it's actually crazy to think it is cheaper to stay there than stay in a hotel in Ireland! We stayed in a Travel Lodge Hotel on Waterloo road, ideal for  the tube and 5 minute walk from London Eye. Shop around and read the reviews! The hotel is only to sleep in so keep your money for more exploring and maybe some retail therapy.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and it gives you some insight into what to do and see in London. This city is amazing and maybe one day I would dream of living there for a while.

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  1. Awesome pictures! Especially the one with you in front of the flowers, so pretty. London's a beautiful city. :)



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