| 48 Hours in LDN |

The title is perfect for this blogpost as we literally spent about 48 hours in London last week. Our mini vacay did not start on the best terms with our RYANAIR flight being cancelled 15 minutes before initial take-off. After a short haha lol 15 hour wait in Dublin Airport tired and desperate to get to London and a lot of fight to get seats on a plane we finally arrived that night. Lesson is never will I ever fly with Ryanair again lol

Anyways I have been to London countless times now and every time I visit this magical city I always want to come back or consider moving there haha. Here was my experience of 48 hours in LDN, some tips and advice for some who are interested in exploring the city.

Things to do and see:

Visit Carnaby Street- a very pretty street in London beside Oxford circus and not as busy sometimes lol, I liked the way there was a mixture of small independent stores as well as popular brand names. This area is definitely worth a stroll down the street even just for a b…

| 20: what I have learned so far |

ok so this gal has little or not time left until she turns 21 and I still can't believe it. How does time go so fast, sometimes I feel I can't keep up with the months every year and then they become a distant memory. Living nearly 21 years on this earth can bring with it quite a few life lessons and with that comes the good and the bad. In this blogpost I want express some of my thoughts about what I think growing up really is and what you really learn under the experience you build with age.

1. School days are not always the best days of your life.- well certainly not for me, I mostly hated and dreaded the thought of going into school everyday and competing academic wise with others. I wasn't always the most academic person, I never enjoyed any of your conventional subjects like Maths or science but I always tried my best. One thing I can always stand by is I always tried my best to work hard at whatever I done in school. If you are reading this and worrying about school,…


I was scrolling through Twitter today and I noticed a post about how 'Clueless' is turning 23 this
week. How crazy is that? It got me thinking about how a single film like 'Clueless' has helped us to push the boundaries of fashion. I know myself when I first discovered that this film existed, that was me obsessed with everything from the characters to clothes from the first scene. For years now I have been a hardcore 'clueless' fan, it was actually that first time I knew 90's style was my first love.

So how did we become so infatuated by Cher and her style? How is it still 23 years on becoming a huge part of people's daily fashion choices? The answer is the trends showcased in the film are 'timeless' and daring, it goes beyond the lines of 'safe fashion'

Some of my favourite looks from the film is obvs the tartan two-pieces that Cher and her friend Dionne wear in the opening scene of the film. Classic and extremely cool to rock up to sch…


Hey all, welcome back to another weekly post. This week I was thinking about all the new accounts and bloggers I have discovered over the past 6 months of finally starting my own fashion account. I realised that there are a crazy amount of talented people showcasing their looks and personal style on the platform and it is nice to see that many of these accounts are extremely supportive towards one another and their work. The blogging community can sometimes receive backlash from others in the media for being perceived as bitchy and way too competitive but in my case thankfully I have never experienced this since starting my Instagram account a few months ago.

It really is all about finding a special 'niche' and going for it, don't let others get in your way and do 'you'.

In this post, I want to discuss a variety of Instagram accounts I idolised and aw on a regular basis. The content produced by each and every one of these ladies is outstanding and the quality is am…


Hey all, welcome back to another weekly post! This week I decided to do something slightly different on my blog and my instagram page for this post. The introduction of IGTV (Instagram TV) has got me thinking about creating visual content and I think this platform is perfect for me to launch this type of content I have been dreaming of finally starting for years! For me, I love posting and using Instagram on a regular basis and it would be ideal to have all my work under the one platform. Let me what you think of IGTV? Is it a good or bad move for the visual posting application.


In University,  I am currently studying Media as part of my degree. It has been a love/hate relationship with this subject this year but I have learned that I will always love creating visuals and content regardless of the intensity or hard work that is involved in producing all types of media-based projects. When I was younger, I was obsessed with creating short…

4 Looks 1 Destination | Los Cristianos

Hey all, I am back with another travel fashion post. This one is all about my favourite looks I wore on my recent holiday to Los Cristianos in Tenerife, Spain. I had an amazing time exploring and relaxing in Los Cristiano's. This area of Tenerife is perfect for a relaxing sun destination. This post includes four looks that are perfect for holidays abroad or even at the minute with the fab weather in Ireland.

Look 1:

This was a really simple evening look, silly Niamh got her legs extremely burnt so these flowy and light striped trousers were perfect for walking around to explore in and eat lol 
My crop top was purchased in London a couple of years ago at the Missguided store in Westfield. This style is available in many clothing websites and it never goes out of trend.
My beloved leopard print sandals were purchased on another trip to London in Primark for 15 pound. I still remember seeing them for the first time and straight away falling in love.  Unfortunately silly Niamh never c…

| Holiday Style Fix- Summer Edition |

We all want to feel and look our best everyday, but when it comes to picking outfits on holidays everyone tries to go the extra mile to feel confident and stylish in the sun. When I know I have a trip booked, I instantly start looking for fashion pieces that represent me and my personal style. Summer can sometimes be a difficult season for me to choose clothes because I am used to neutral colours and jackets being a staple taking over my wardrobe on daily basis due to the Irish climate. I created a poll on my Instagram last week asking what you wanted to see on my blog this week and holiday styling tips was extremely popular.

I want to keep this blogpost  an easy- read for you all, so here is a few style tips I follow myself when preparing and styling on summer holidays.

1. Staples are Key.
It is very important to have staple pieces in your wardrobe that never stray far from ever-changing fashion trends, especially for the summer season. It is ideal to have 'timeless' fashion …